Manufacturer of Wearable, Wireless, Medical Pressure Sensor

Targeting $12 Billion US Market of Pressure Sores

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The Product is aimed for the treatment Bed Sore/Pressure Ulcer prevention and treatment. This market consists of fragile patients in nursing homes, hospitals, long term acute care, rehabilitation facilities and under home care. High risk patients are elderly, diabetic and vascular patients. The company will provide the software solution and charge for tablets, sensors and proprietary dressings.

A licensing model is being considered for hospital chains if purchase minimums are not achieved. The goal will be a sixty percent gross margin.


The product is superior to competitors because:


The technology has the potential to prevent and treat approximately 2.5 million new painful debilitating bed sores (pressure ulcers) annually in about 700,000 patients occupying a bed each day in the US. The average hospital prevalence for bed sores is about 14%. These bed sores lead to approximately 60,000 deaths, 60,000 amputations, and 17,000 lawsuits each year. Costs to the Medicare/Medicaid programs alone are about US$12 billion annually.


The parent company has developed innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions for a multitude of health conditions, from heel pressure ulcers, to ankle sprains.

These include:

Note that the other products of the company generate about $3.5 million in revenue and is available for sale for $2.6 million.


The Company is looking to sell all (or part of the company) for a valuation of $4.5 million.

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