Tech-4099: Fast Growing FinTech SaaS Company

100% Recurring Revenue; Sticky, Diversified Client Base

This is a unique FinTech SaaS company with highly desirable software solutions and unique and affordable tool-sets for financial advisers and institutions. The Company has top talent and well-known experts who have track record of growing FinTech Companies. Its products are aimed at Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) as well as institutions. In the last quarter of 2018, the company launched its newest product, which is off to a fast start and will become a flagship product for the Company. In May 2019, it converted its fast-growing blog into an online publication. It also recently launched its podcast.

Its products help financial advisers win new business and help them help their clients save money and offer superior retirement portfolios for their clients’ employees with easy to use, powerful tool-sets. Their Institutional clients can also use these tools to help their employees obtain optimum retirement choices while saving money.

Company’s blog of the financial advisers is also seeing an explosive growth and readership saw a 1,600% growth over the past year, and is continuing to grow at a fast pace. As much as 40% of the Company’s revenue comes from blog conversions and so this growth in the blog readership will be a significant factor in accelerating the growth of the Company.

The Company’s revenues grew from $861K in 2017 to $1.41 M in 2018 (a growth of 63.7% in top-line revenue), and its EBITDA swung from -$93K to +261K and with a healthy 18.5% EBITDA margin. This margin will improve substantially with increasing customers and revenues as the costs for serving additional customers is relatively small. As seen in the projections shown below, it will see explosive growth over the next three years due to increasing readership and users of its digital media.

2016  $ 730,220  $ (1,648)
2017  $ 860,608 (+17.9%)  $ (92,692)
2018  $ 1,413,662 (+ 63.7%)  $ 261,072
2019 (projected) $2,300,000 (+63.7%) $425,550
2020 (projected) $4,657,550 (+102.5%) $625,330
2021 (projected) $7,762,500 (+90%) $1,463,063

(* EBITDA margins are kept conservatively at the 2018 levels in the projections, although with increased revenue and subscriptions, they are bound to increase significantly)

Whereas the Company can continue its strong double-digit growth on its own, it feels that with a strategic buyer / partner with more resources, it can see an explosive growth and ensure its technological leadership in the field. It feels the timing for this is now, when its new product is experiencing a strong growth, and its rapidly growing blog site is being relaunched as a digital platform, which will also serve as a growth engine to attract new clients. Additionally, the partners would like to cash at least a portion of their stake in the Company. However, all the key people are committed to working with the buyer/partner and work towards growing the Company.


  • Fast-growing Company – explosive growth potential under a right buyer / partner
  • 100% recurring revenues
  • Very talented staff – well-respected in the industry
  • Very fast-growing blog with thoughtful essays – being converted to digital publication
  • Diversified customer base made up of well-known institutional clients plus financial advisers
  • Key staff will stay long-term – as employees or partners to ensure growth of the business


The Company is a SaaS company with strong proprietary products and with 100% recurring revenue with automatic renewals of subscriptions and showing a strong subscriber growth. It is looking for a buyer / strategic partner who will provide a fair valuation for SaaS companies.

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